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Due to historic deforestation, only 14.5% of the land area in Denmark is forested. One Tree Planted's respected on-the-ground partner will work with 550 landowners to get 1 million trees planted on over 350 ha of land to benefit climate, biodiversity, and the local community.


This project is part of a nationwide effort to grow Denmark's forest cover to 25% by 2100 and will establish a multi-functional woodland on marginal farmland in western Jutland. The best part? It will be protected in perpetuity by the Danish Forest Act.

The new forests will absorb carbon, protect biodiversity, preserve groundwater, and fix nitrogen to reduce wetland eutrophication (when a body of water becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients, causing an algae bloom + suffocating aquatic life). A conservation area will be established for the threatened hazel dormouse, and will provide rich habitat for native birds and insects. 

The local community will benefit from the many recreational opportunities afforded by the woodland, as well as an exciting "school in the forest" initiative that will provide educational opportunities for generations to come.

Team of skilled local foresters, have selected a mix of over 25 native species, including varieties of alder, oak, ash, fir, pine, spruce, and larch. 

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