February Jobs

Garden Maintenance 

I love February jobs, probably because I get to play in the compost heap, sieving and making up my own mixes ready for the sowing season ahead. But February is also a good time to start clearing up and cutting back, deciduous grasses, such as miscanthus and buddleia shrubs all benefit from a hard prune. Don’t forget to keep dead heading winter pansies to keep them flowering.


Oh and one more thing, ensure bird feeders are topped up regularly, and be sure to check water has frozen over in the bird baths, at this time of year it’s vital they have access to food and water.


Flower Power

Sweet peas are a given but you can also be sowing coreopsis and verbena right now. If you haven’t already sown calendula based on last months jobs, it’s not too late.


Veg Plot

From what I’ve been seeing on social media most of you have already started sowing your veg but just as a reminder, you can now sow;

  • Peppers & Chillies

  • Tomatoes

  • Broccoli

  • Aubergines



You can start to sow sage and chervil now. If you already have mint established and it’s starting to shown signs of new life, now is a good time to divide it.



It’s a good time to prune blueberries, gooseberries and figs.