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February Jobs

This month my focus, like many of us gardeners, will be on sowing - it’s that exciting time of year when we can put into action our plan for our growing season. But this year February is also going to be my month to take note of the wildlife I’m attracting to the garden and ways in which I can entice more.


It’s also that wonderful time of year when I start thinking compost. So it’s time to sieve our compost bins, ready for mulching the beds and adding to our potting mixtures further down the growing season. This is one of the many jobs I love to do in the garden, it’s so productive and vital for achieving a closed loop sustainable garden, our waste turned into a good source of nutrients in order to grow our own delicious produce.

February sow


Sometimes without the right conditions (and equipment such as heated propagator, grow lamps etc) it can be a bit of a waste to try and start sowing too early but providing you do your research and select the right varieties there is plenty you can get started with. Here are some of the seeds we will be sowing here at Good Roots Barn;

  • chillies

  • peppers

  • aubergines

  • tomatoes

  • basil

  • broad beans

  • brussels sprouts

  • cabbage

  • cauliflower

  • winter lettuce

  • peas

  • onions

  • spinach


And if you are really getting ahead of the game start thinking about your potato varieties (which by the end of this week you will be able to purchase from Good Roots Barn - but that’s top secret so don’t tell anyone!) get them ordered and start chitting the early varieties.


February grow


In February our light levels start increasing making owing a little easier but we do still have to be careful of the fluctuating temperatures. Those clear blue skies on a mild day may lead to a sharp evening bite from ‘Jack Frost’. With this in mind you can start off cut and come again salads, just making sure, once again, that you are choosing varieties that are suitable to the season such as;

  • rocket

  • mustards

  • oriental greens

  • lambs lettuce

  • watercress

  • landcress


February harvest


Be mindful of those cold snaps that often accompanying the arrival of February, but it’s a good month for produce;

  • purple sorting broccoli

  • carrots 

  • winter cabbage

  • brussel sprouts

  • cauliflower

  • chard

  • kale

  • leeks

  • parsnips 

  • swede


And if you’ve been sowing under cover water salads like mustard, rocket, lambs lettuce keep picking!

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