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OneTreePlanted's planting project in Ireland will provide a greener and more visually attractive area for the community that will encourage pride in the community and attract visitors to take part in future collaborative efforts. Some of the community benefits that this project will provide include but are not limited to shade provision, youth education, and mental and physical health benefits.


OneTreePlanted plant a mix of diverse, native species from local nurseries. This project is working to replenish local forests, so the native species grown in the nurseries include birch, alder, hawthorn, oak, and scots pine.

We chose Ireland because Ireland has the lowest forest cover out of all European countries and by planting trees, OneTreePlanted aim to support the greatest diversity of species from bugs and insects, to small mammals, amphibians, larger mammals, and birdlife. The trees provide mixtures of flowers for pollinator support and also many kinds of fruit and nuts for wildlife, acorns, hazelnuts, rowan berries, elderberries, crab apples, sloes, haw berries, etc. The project has a big community impact and work with local youth to teach them about the benefits of trees and how to take ownership of the area through management, weeding, pruning, etc. Through volunteer work and education, local children can get involved with others in their community while becoming passionate about the environment.

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