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OneTreePlanted's planting project in Kenya will focus on reforestation of Kenya's forests that will help support its vital ecosystem, promote wildlife protection, and foster sustainable livelihoods for local communities


OneTreePlanted plant a mix of diverse, native species from local nurseries. This project is working to replenish Kenyan forests through agroferstry, so the native species grown in the nurseries include acacia abyssinica, acacia gerardii, bersama abyssinica, juniperus procera, olea europaea africana, croton megalocarpus, dodonea angustifolia, dombeya angustifolia, dombeya rotundifolia, sesbania sesban, markhamia lutea, prunus africana, trichilia emetica, warburgia ugandensis.

We chose Kenya because the project will embrace agroforestry as a restoration approach, which will include the integration of crops and trees. A win-win situation in terms of ecological restoration and economic empowerment for the community. OneTreePlanted will work directly with communities to protect, conserve, and restore Kenyan forests, helping to safeguard water and other ecosystem services. It will improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable rural households, support gender equality by employing more women, and increase crop productivity, household income, and food security.

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