Media Mentions on Plastic Free Gardening


Article: Eco-Gardening

Shopping for plants without plastic

Nov 2020 Issue

"We all know the mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle in order to slow down our consumption of plastics. For some of us, the aim of gardening without plastic has become a reality."


Article: Growing Online

Alternatives to Plastic

Nov 2020 Issue

"Good Roots Barn is a new website specialising in alternatives to plastic gardening products."

"There is a range of products you can purchase - pots and trays made from coir or bamboo, paper pot makers, wooden seed labels, coir discs and coco peat bricks - with more to come."


Article: Lifestyle Best Buys

Treat Yourself In November

Nov 2020 Issue

"A great selection of plastic-free alternatives for gardeners."

Gardeners "gift box contains beautifully hand-produced coir grow tray, your choice of seed, wooden labels, bamboo pots and coir grow cube and 250g coir brick growing medium."


Kitleys: Let's Talk About Stuff

Blog: The Ultimate Guide To Supporting Small Businesses This...

Nov 2020


Article: Smart news

Your Complete salad growing kit 

jan 2021 Issue

"This salad mix from Good Roots Barn is perfect for gardeners, it contains the seeds to grow and pick your own fresh salad. The kit comes complete with a handy tin for storage and comes with a 'How to Sow & Grow' guide to get you started."


Article: meet the blogger

gardening with nature in mind

jun 2021 Issue

"Sandy is inspired by nature and gardening allows her to connect with that ethos. Her website and blog are very much about growing her own but integrated with the natural world and ideas on how to embrace and protect it."

podcast: the real life buyer

with Dave Barr

May 2021

"How a passionate gardener with a strong environmental ethic founded her business to deliver plastic free products to the market."

Guest Blogger: No Plastic Shop

Meet The Local Plastic Free Heroes

July 2021

"For Plastic Free July I have interviewed local campaigners, business owners and community heroes from Devon and Cornwall, who have put living plastic free at the heart of the way they work.

Meet Sandy Lipo, founder of the plastic free gardening online store Good Roots Barn, that has its HQ in Devon."

Subscribers Feature for Botany and Books.png

Subscriber Feature: Botany and Books

What you plant will grow: an incredible example of living your values and building a world you want to live in

September 2021

"This blog is all about one of my wonderful subscribers who runs a business which totally reflects with Botany and Books values and her kind and gentle way of running a business that makes plastic free gardening possible just makes my heart swell"


guest blogger: Good to bee

Sustainable Gardening

August 2021

"If you're wanting to make your green fingers greener you HAVE to read this! Packed full of so much wisdom and support for people, plants and planet alike"