Month By Month

Consider this your monthly reminder of jobs to be getting on with in the garden. Each month you can visit here to catch up on all your garden tasks, everything from sowing seeds, vegetable growing, pruning and general garden maintenance. 


My suggestions and advice are from my own gardening experience. 


A quick ‘go to’ list to keep you busy in your favourite place.


january 2021

TipsGardening, Winter

If you find yourself in the midst of a mild dry day, here are some jobs to do this month.


April 2021

TipsGardening, Spring

April is a really busy time in the garden, if you're not sowing seeds, you are pricking out & potting on...

July 2021

TipsGardening, Summer

This month is all about the watering and feeding and of course taking the time to sit back and enjoy all that you have accomplished.


February 2021

TipsGardening, Winter

I love February jobs, probably because I get to play in the compost heap...

May 2021

TipsGardening, Spring

Spring feels a little different this year, probably because we were so spoilt last year with such a hot Spring...

August 2021

TipsGardening, Summer

Surely August is the month to reap the rewards of all your hard work, sit back and enjoy those late Summer evenings.


March 2021

TipsGardening, Spring

There is something so incredibly motivating about March, Spring is just starting to...

June 2021

TipsGardening, Summer

And finally we move into Summer, welcome June. Lets hope that this month grants us a little...