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OneTreePlanted's planting project in Ontario will help restore essential forest cover that has been lost to natural disasters and land degradation, building healthy forests for generations to enjoy.


OneTreePlanted plant a mix of diverse, native species.


With more than 60% forest coverage, Ontario's forests account for about 17% of Canada's forest coverage. This amounts to about 71 million hectares, an area the size of Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands combined.

Ontario's forests are divided into 4 regional sections: the Hudson Bay Lowlands of the far north, the Boreal Forest of northern Ontario, the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Forest of southern and central Ontario, and the deciduous forest in Southern Ontario bordering the United States.


All of these regions hold their own unique biodiversity, but some of the wildlife that can be found in Ontario forests includes polar bears, woodland caribou, barred owl, black bear, and even flying squirrels!

We chose Ontario because the reforestation project in Ontario will greatly benefit communities, biodiversity, and the environment. Planting trees will restore critical watersheds, rebuild important wildlife habitats, and will ultimately combat climate change and global warming. By restoring forests in Ontario, healthy ecosystems will support healthy communities. Mental and physical well-being are intrinsically interconnected with the health of our natural environment. With each tree planted in Ontario, the health of communities is improved. 

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