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How To Sow & Grow

If you are just starting out on your gardening adventure and have never sown anything from seed before, then this is the guide for you. In our shop you will find a Starter Grow Kit and in this kit is everything you need to sow your very first seeds and get you started on your growing journey. The following instructions are for sowing seed with the contents provided in the kit but there are more general sowing guides which can be found online.

However if you are an experience gardener but want to try some of our plastic alternatives then this is a great kit to trial a few of our products.

Sowing Instructions

  1. In some cases sowing is dependant upon the time of year, so make sure that you are following the recommended sowing time on your seed tube

  2. Begin by preparing your growing medium. The kit contains coir discs which are the perfect size to fit into your seedling pots. Simply add water and allow the coir disc to expand within the pot or alternatively prep the growing medium in a separate container and the add to the seedling pot, making sure that you fill the pot to the top and then lightly tap the pot on a surface to allow the coir to settle, this should then leave you with a small gap at the top of the pot - it’s important to note that you don’t have to use pots to sow your seed, depending upon the quantity of seed you want to sow, you can sow into a grow tray and simply prick out the seedlings when they become large enough to handle and pot them on into individual pots

  3. The quantity of seed you sow depends on the size of the seed and how many plants you need. Always refer to the recommendations on your seed tube with regards to spacing and depth but for guidance; for small seeds like basil or lettuce, sow 2-3 seeds per pot and for larger seeds such as courgette or radish sow 1-2 seeds per pot

  4. Once you known how many seeds you want to sow in each pot, use the mini dibber provided to make small indents in the coir growing medium ready to place your seeds

  5. Sow the seed into the indents

  6. Cover the seeds either by tapping the side of the pot to redistribute the coir growing medium or if you have some spare lightly add enough to cover the indents

  7. Write the name of your seeds on a wooden label and stick it in the pot

  8. Water in the seeds either by letting the pot stand in a tray of water to absorb it or lightly over the top using a watering can with a rose attachment

  9. Keep the pots moist and do not allow them to dry out

  10. Leave to stand either in a greenhouse or on a light window ledge

  11. When the seedlings start to emerge, remove the weakest looking to allow only one strong seedling to develop

  12. Once the seedling develops its ‘true’ leaves, (the second set after the emerging leaves) and it is large enough to handle, then it can be potted on...for these instructions refer to our Blog “Potty About Potting On”

Now if you enjoyed that process and you want a new challenge, why not try our coir grow trays so you can sow a larger quantity of seed that will require ‘pricking out and potting on’.

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