3 Sisters Grow Gift

3 Sisters Grow Gift

The 3 sisters grow kit is inspired by a 300 year old Native American companion planting method, which helps you to maximise your growing space without any detriment to your plants health.


The benefits of this growing method are;

- the sweetcorn acts as a climbing structure for the beans and because of it's straight upward growth it isn't competing with its companions for sunlight

- the beans add nitrogen to the soil through their roots, therefore helping to nourish their companions

- the courgette spreads and covers the ground acting as weed supressant and helping to keep the roots of the sweetcorn cool, which it enjoys

- and of course you get to grow more of the vegetabls you enjoy in a relatively small space


The kit comes complete with a handy tin for storage and contains:

3 Seed Tube Seeds (Sweetcorn, Courgette & Runner Beans)

10 Wood Fibre Seedling Pots

10 Wooden Labels

10 Coir Grow Discs

1 Mini Dibber

1 Pencil


The kit also comes with a 'How to Sow & Grow' guide to get you started but for more information please check out our blog.

    VAT Included