Seed Tube Herbs - Mint Green

Seed Tube Herbs - Mint Green

Mentha viridis


Similar to spearmint, this mint has dark green, roughly oval shaped leaves, with serrated margins. Perfect to add to your summer peas or a cheeky mojito!

  • Sowing Instructions

    Sow seed in seed compost, but do not cover seed. Ensure the compost is moist, but not wet. Keep at 18-20C. Germination is erratic and may take 1-2 weeks or longer. Transplant seedlings into a small pot when large enough to handle and plant out 30cm apart when risk of frost has passed.

    For more sowing instructions read our blog 'How to Sow & Grow'

  • Seeds

    Approx 1000

  • Top Tips

    Regular picking will ensure a healthy crop and encourage new fresh shoots to grow. To prevent mint from becoming straggly or woody cut back after flowering.

VAT Included