Seed Tube Herbs - Rosemary

Seed Tube Herbs - Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis


Rosemary makes a fantastic garden herb, it is a perennial evergreen that has needle like pungent aroma with pretty pale blue flowers that attract bees & beneficial insects. It is great grown as an herb in the veg patch or in the garden borders.


Rosemary eventually grows to a height of between 50-70cm and grows for up to 15 years and has a powerful fragrance and a few sprigs roasted with vegetables tastes very good. It is great fresh or dried.


Germination can be slow and erratic, seeds can sometimes take 2-3 months to germinate, so patience is required and don’t throw the compost away too quickly.


Rosemary is also slow to grow but is also quite expensive to buy.

  • Sowing Instructions

     Sow in a seed tray & don’t cover seed with compost. Place tray under cover and keep at a temperature of 21C. Germination may be anything from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 months. After germination do not water as they are prone to ‘damping off’. When large enough pot on and grow on. Transplant to garden or container when the risk of frost has passed.

    For more sowing instructions read our blog 'How to Sow & Grow'

  • Seeds

    Approx 225

  • Top Tips

    Don’t over water or over feed. Keep trimmed to keep in shape and encourage new young growth.

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