Seed Tube Vegetables - Sweetcorn F1 Lark

Seed Tube Vegetables - Sweetcorn F1 Lark

Zea mays var. saccharata


Sweetcorn Lark F1 is a tender sweet variety that is very sweet with a thin skinned juicy kernel about 21cm in length. A mid-season variety with excellent cold soil performance. Great plucked and used straight from the garden, a different taste to the shop bought varieties.


  • Sowing Instructions

    Indoor –  You can just sow indoors on a window ledge in cardboard toilet tubes, the key thing to remember with sweetcorn is that they don't like any root disturbance, so try to sow them in something compostable whihc you can just plant them out in.

    The wonderful people at Seed Tube have their own techniques, they like to start the corn seeds off by soaking them overnight, just cover with water in a small bowl. Drain the seeds in the morning and rinse off, cover them with a damp kitchen towel. Continue this until the seeds germinate, approximately 2-5 days. Plant each one once the small root has reached 2cm, handle carefully. Tranfer outside when the ground is warm enough.

    Outdoor – Sow 2 seeds at one station 2.5cm deep in early summer at 40 cm intervals in a rectangular block (helps to aid pollination). Remove the weaker seedling. In cold weather and particularly in the north cover the seed with a cloche to keep them warm and germinate better. Water well.

    For more sowing instrcutions read our blog 'How to Sow & Grow'

  • Top Tips

    Earth up stems in summer to give better anchorage. Keep well watered and top dress soil with organic matter periodically.

  • Seeds

    Approx 40

VAT Included