Traditional Gift Box

Traditional Gift Box

This is a lovely gift box for the more traditional gardener or perhaps someone who wants to try some of the more traditional tools of gardening. Enjoy the beautiful wooden paper pot press, including ready prepared newspaper strips to get you started. The wooden plant dibber and the rustic unique ceramic plant marker make a wonderful addition to any potting shed.


The gift box contains the following;

x1 Seed Tube (of your choice)

x1 Creamore Paper Pot Press

x1 Mini Wooden Plant Dibber

x20 Coir Discs (25mm)

x1 Ceramic Plant Marker (matching your choice of seed)

x1 Haxnicks Bamboo Grow Tray

x10 Newspaper Strips 


*Note if you are selecting larger seed crops such as tomatoes, runner beans etc we would also recommend the 8" Bamboo pots.

    VAT Included