Vase Planter

Vase Planter

The Vase Planter has been designed to add a touch of grandeur to entrances, driveways and patios.


We love the sleek modern design, but its the aesthetic of a natural orange rusted row of corten Vase Planters on deckings and driveways, that sparks an element of joy with the contrast it gives.


Choose either the natural rusty corten or a choice of your own personal coating. It shines year round next to the buds and blossoms of Spring, the vibrant flowers in summer, the dramatic skies and fallen leaves of autumn, to the frost and snow of winter.


Suitable for small border trees, as well as pot friendly plants.

  • Dimensions

    40 x 40 cm

  • Postage

    When purchasing select 'Backyard Shipping' at checkout.

    Delivery is £15 to anywhere in the UK.

    Estimated delivery time is 10 business days.

  • Weight

    4 kg

PriceFrom £65.00
VAT Included