Wood Fibre Pots

Wood Fibre Pots

These 5cm wood fibre pots are perfect for seedlings and cuttings. 


They are 100% compostable but the benefits of using these pots go far beyond the fact that they break down easily.  As the roots develop they will grow through the fibre pot and as this occurs the roots are air pruned which encourages new healthy branching roots, therefore enabling an even root distribution and avoiding the plants becoming root bound. 


The plants can be planted out in the pots to avoid any risk of root disturbance and in doing so you also avoid transplanting shock and no pause in growth whilst the roots take time to settle into the new soil.


Just two points to be mindful of when using these pots;


1) fibre pots can dry out quickly so make sure they remain moist to help the roots to grow through and espcially when transplanting them out into the soil as this helps the pots to break down

2) when planting them out into the soil make sure the entire pot is burried below the soil level as this helps the pot to break down



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