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OneTreePlanted's planting project in Rwanda will support Rwanda's forests that have a wealth of biodiversity and natural resources but has been subject to deforestation for unsustainable large-scale agricultural practices. Smallholder farmers feel the impacts of that degradation and understand the importance of landscape restoration for water, energy and food security. This project will help a women’s cooperative, led by local farmer Agnes Uwifashije, to revive land in Mukura.


OneTreePlanted plant a variety of trees including Grevillea robusta, Markhamia lutea, Erythrina abyssinica, Myrianthus holstii, various species of Ficus or Fig, and the nitrogen-fixing fodder shrub Calliandra colthyrsus. Farmers will also plant avocado, lemon, and tree tomatoes for food security and income generation.

We chose Rwanda because the loss of tree cover in a rainy, mountainous country has had severe environmental consequences. In addition to tremendous loss of biodiversity, the region experiences soil degradation, erosion, and landslides. OneTreePlanted's amazing partners at ARCOS (Albertine Rift Conservation Society) will mentor and build the skills of 2,000 farmers to restore land while improving community livelihoods. Planting trees will help add nutrients to soil while controlling run-off and erosion. When properly managed, these trees will provide the local farmers with firewood, climbing bean poles, and fodder for their animals. For food security and income generation, farmers will plant avocado, lemon, and tree tomatoes.

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